Read from any software or hardware

vNode’s input modules are the core of the solution, hence it can read from virtually any data source, either device or application.

These input modules will read data from the devices using TCP/IP or Serial connections, OPC Technology, IoT Services, or even text files.


OPC Client DA Module


OPC UA Client Module


Modbus TCP & RTU Client


Siemens S7 Client Module


Ascii Module


VMD XML Client Module


Marchesini Module


Kanebo Module


Xantrex Module


RestAPI Client Module


Custom Client Module

Get the data in any application

vNode´s Output Modules allow sending data to industrial applications, standard databases or even cloud platforms.

vNode provides seamless integration with OPC UA, MQTT, REST API, ODBC, Mongo DB, Azure, Google, Amazon Web Services, XML files or CSV files, to deliver data to multiple consumers simultaneously.


OPC UA Server Module


MQTT Module


DbInjector Module


Local Historian Module


UFLExporter Module


RestApi Server Module


Data Exporter Module



The default Store&Forward connection between Nodes allows the creation of complex architectures including slow or unstable connections such as Radio, GPRS, 2G, 3G or V-SAT. 

No data will ever be lost. 

After reconnection, the Client applications will receive all the data with the original Timestamp. 

Within Store & Forward native architecture, assure your communications and stop complaining of network intermittence.


Local Historian Module

Remote web configuration

vNode are configured through an embedded web user interface.

The Administrator will be able to configure all the remote vNodes just using a web browser.

The access to the configuration Web is secure (https) and may be restricted to be accessed from pre-defined IPs.

No local interface installed need it.

Reduces time costs by applying and performing maintenance from anywhere

Crossed platform

vNode is out off-the-shelf, ready to be installed on any Windows version (32 and 64 bits), Linux (Intel, AMD and ARM processors). 

From an expensive Mainframe down to a Raspberry PI, vNode will run seamlessly on any environment. 

vNode can easily run on Windows (32 -64 bits) and Linux platforms or even embedded systems with ARM, AMD & Intel processors.

Powerful edge calculations

Our Scripting Module will allow you to execute custom JavaScript scripts right after the tags are read, reducing substantially the amount of traffic to upper layers.

Perform any task or script directly on vNode source to optimize.

Apply any custom script right to the tags or perform a complex instruction based on JavaScript to call process.


Derived Tags Module


Scripting Module

Unlimited tags

Make your system grow along with your needs, create and use as many tags as you need, without no limitation.


Connection between vNode can be configured inbound or outbound adding extra security and no need to open Firewall Ports. 

All connections are encrypted from end to end. 

Unlimited scalability

We know industrial implementations sometimes need to be upgraded and it means new locations, new devices, and new platforms. vNode can adjust to your business needs proving fully scalability without a complex and extended configuration.

Any Central vNode will receive automatically all the tags from remote vNodes. No configuration needed.

Data Management

Provide data treatment, applying scripting, algorithms and perform integration between tags, OPC servers, and devices.



Linked Tags Modules


Derived Tags Module


Scripting Module