Why vNode?


vNode IoT Gateway was born to help industry professionals with their connectivity needs.

In vNode we provide the best customer service experience.


Our commitment is to make industrial data management quick, easy, reliable and secure.

Why quick:

Only three minutes. Two to download the software and one to install it. Who says software has to be complicated?


Why easy:

Save time and money accessing to all configuration settings. From any place, any time. Just with an internet connection.

Why reliable:

Free Store&Forward feature for all our software version.

Why secure:

To know their information is safe is very important for our customers, so it is for us.

We are a team with more than 15 years of experience, we designed a solution that combine the best of our knowledge with the industry complex requirements. The customer is our core and all of what we do and provide is focus on making things easy, including download, technical support, help, purchase and further assistance. Our staff really knows how to solve industry software needs. Because we understand our users have to provide on time services to their customer chain.