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vNode Azure IoT Module


Connect your plant’s PLCs or Control Devices to Microsoft Azure IoT. Our Azure IoT Hub Module can either send or receive data from the broker, allowing you to read or write data to/from the PLC to/from the MQTT broker.

vNode MongoDB Historian Module


MongoDB it`s an NonSQL database, that stores the data in documents over BSON format which it is a binary representation of JSON, and allows a faster data processing and adquisition. Mongo will allow to log any kind of information without following a specific schema, this will provide an open format logging system in which you can deploy the organization of your application or implementation.

Get into vNode Web UI


vNode was born to help industry professionals with their connectivity needs. In vNode we provide the best customer service experience. Our commitment is to make industrial data management quick, easy, reliable and secure. Discover how to connect to vNode in order to configure your Clients, Servers, Links and Tags directly from the web interface. Only 3 minutes to download the software and one to install it. Who said software has to be complicated?

Get to know vNode’s platform

Take an overview of vNode Platform in this quick video tutorial : Real Time data, Data Historization, Industrial connectivity configuration, data management… vNode was born to help industry professionals with their connectivity needs. In vNode we provide the best customer service experience. Our commitment is to make industrial data management quick, easy, reliable and secure.


vNode Add Licensing Key



Add licensing key to vNode in just a few steps!

1️ Click on Licensing Key Tab

2️ Copy the Unique User ID and send it to our Support Team

3️ Once you have purchased one or several modules, the Support Team will reply to you with your licensing key

4️ Go back under licesing tab

5️ And finally paste the licensing key provided by the Support Team.

vNode How to create a MODULE


You have the possibility to create and configure modules directly from vNode interface. The first step will be to open the config tab, and to select the module you want to create in the drop-down menu :

  • Siemens S7 Client
  • Ascii module
  • VMD XML Client Module
  • Marchesini Module
  • Kanebo Module
  • Local Historian
  • UFLExporter Module
  • RestApi Client Module
  • RestApi Server Module
  • MQTT Module
  • Db Injector Module
  • Derived Tags Module
  • Scripting module
  • Linked Tags
  • Custom Client Module
  • Data Exporter Module

vNode Module Config

Once you have created a module under vNode, you will have to configure it. Let’s take the example of a Modbus Connection.

vNode How to create TAGS

Once you have created a module of any type under vNode web interface, you will need to create the tags related to this brand new module. Check how to create quickly and easily tag groups to view them in real time.

How to share your industrial data using OPC UA technology?

Share information from any systems or devices using vNode’s OPC UA Server.

This module enables connectivity to OPC UA Clients, by the “configure & go” which means no software coding or scripting to establish connectivity.

OPC Unified architecture is an standard communication protocol that brings to the table encrypted security, SOAP, binary connection and a customized address space of the data. Using vNode`s OPC UA Server module, will provide fully communication to HMI, SCADAS, OPC UA Client, and much more, taking data from any Modbus devices, siemens controllers, opc da servers, and transfering them into OPC UA format data transfer.

How to send industrial data to any MQTT broker?

Are you looking to send your plcs data to Amazon we services AWS?

Are you looking to send your plcs data to Azure IOT HUB?

Are you looking to send your plcs data to Google Cloud IOT Core GCP?

Do you know what is MQTT protocol?

It`s an standard messaging and data exchange protocol for the IoT.

• An open protocol adopted by many big companies in the world.

If you want to learn more, you can always see the official MQTT definition, provided by the MQTT 3.1.1 Specification.

“MQTT is a Client Server publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol. It is light weight, open, simple, and designed so as to be easy to implement. These characteristics make it ideal for use in many situations, including constrained environments such as for communication in Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) contexts where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium.”

MQTT comes with :

• A broker.

• A publisher.

• A writer.

• Connections using MQTT protocol between publisher and broker, and writer and broker. In this video, we are going to show how to create vNode MQTT client, on both publisher and writer (subsriber) sides.

vNode MQTT client module link the gap between your industrail devices, such as modbus, siemens plc, opc da servers, opc ua severs etc, and different cloud systems acting as MQTT Brokers, acting as an Industrial IOT Gateway, doing as an mqtt publisher or mqtt subscriber.

 vNode Store and Forward Feature

Avoid connection failures issues thanks to Store and Forward Features. The default Store&Forward connection between Nodes allows the creation of complex architectures including slow or unstable connections such as Radio, GPRS, 2G, 3G or V-SAT.

No data will ever be lost.

After reconnection, the Client applications will receive all the data with the original Timestamp. Within Store & Forward native architecture, assure your communications and stop complaining of network intermittence.

This module offers unbreakable and secure solution to unstable and unavailable networking system applications.

Providing a fully operational architecture that allows data recovery from the most minimum gap in the network to a biggest lost information. vNode’s store & forward feature is part of the platform core, offering a high performance of data treatment in different and complex scenarios.

How to log your industrial devices data to Microsoft SQL Server

How to log all your data to any Microsoft SQL databases

vNode DBinjector module provides fully communication to Microsoft SQL Databases, allowing to log information from your facilites, PLCs, controllers, Modbus Devices, Siemens Controllers, OPC DA, OPC UA and much more, into SQL tables.

With vNode DBinjector, you can easily integrate with any IOT platform based on SQL.

0’30 : Create the database under Microsoft SQL management studio

1’30 : Access vNode from your web browser

2’01 : Create db injector module

3’25 : Choose your instance

4’30 : Tag subscriptions

5’30 : Create a file under tag menu

6’15 : View real time information

6’50 : Go back to MS SQL management studio to view tags

How to send your PLCs data to any web application using vNode Rest Api Server module?

How to GET industrial Data on your web applications using REST API Calls?

vNode automation is an IOT Gateway for data transfer, moving data from different data sources such as Modbus Devices, Siemens Controllers, OPC DA & UA servers, and much more, and send it directly to application, such as HMI, SCADAS, MQTT Brokers, REST API applications etc.

Thanks to vNode Rest API Server module, you will be able to publish and retrieve data between applications and machines over HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

vNode Starter Quick Guide

In this video tutorial, you will discover vNode web interface, step by step:

How to open vNode web interface and how to log in Navigation tab allowing you to navigate in vNode interface:

A. Data

Real Time,


B. System

1’35 : Diagnostics Config,

2’38 : Licensing

C. User 3’30: How to add a new module

7’10 : Create new tags 9’15 : View real time data

✔️Download vNode Automation Quick Guide :


✔️Download vNode free demo version to run tests: 


✔️All vNode Features at a glance:


vNode Modbus TCP & RTU Client


Using vNode’s Modbus client module, you can directly connect to one or multiple slave Modbus devices, using Modbus TCP or serial standard.

✔️For further information about the modules config, visit our Tech Center:


✔️Download vNode free demo version to run tests:


✔️All vNode Features at a glance :


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