Send plant floor data to the Cloud by using Mayor IoT Protocols

Industry 4.0 provides us in these times different ways to connect our devices within applications or services in the cloud through the internet.

IoT makes this possible through multiple communication protocols, such MQTT, OPC UA and REST API, those are 3 of the most used protocols for data transfer in order to move information to different cloud environments, for example: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Core, TagoIo, Ubidots, SCADA systems , ERPS, OEE and many others.

Objeto Inteligente Vectorial

How to work with these protocols?

vNode Automation, is an Industrial IoT Gateway that allows the join between industrial devices and IT or cloud systems.

vNode has the ability to behave as:

MQTT PublisherREST API ServerOPC UA Client
MQTT SubscriberREST API ClientOPC UA Server
MQTT Writer

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Other vNode features:


Default Store&Forward connection between Nodes allows the creation of complex architectures including slow or unstable connections such as Radio, GPRS, 2G, 3G or V-SAT. No data will ever be lost.

Crossed platform

vNode is out off- the- shelf, ready to be installed on any Windows version (32 and 64 bits), Linux (Intel, AMD and ARM processors). 

Unlimited tags

Make your system grow along with your needs, create and use as many tags as you need, without no limitation.

Remote web configuration

vNode are configured through an embedded web user interface. The Administrator will be able to configure all the remote vNodes just using a web browser.