¿Are you concern about the risks of losing valuable plant data?


Keep your data always available in case of network failure.



¿Facing communications issues between your facilities and acquisition systems?

¿Are you working logging critical data?

¿Want to ensure your PLCs data logging?


vNode is an Industrial IoT Gateway designed to gather data from your facility and deliver it to your IT, Cloud or industrial environments such as Microsoft SQL Server or even Mongo DB

It’s store & forward built-in feature provides secure and reliable communication, guaranteeing no data loss over time.

vNode store & forward feature allows to log your PLCs, sensors, devices or any application information into SQL or Non-SQL logging systems under a remote & Central architecture, providing a full and secure way to transfer data even on communications failures between vNode nodes by locally buffering the data on vNode remote node, and once the connection is restored, the data will pass again to the Central vNode node.


How does it do it?

vNode can collect data from any data source: OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus Devices, Siemens Controller, text files, CSV files, Sensors, REST API Servers, MQTT Brokers, and many others.

The data will be sent to Microsoft SQL or Mongo DB systems, with escalations or calculations applied before

Everything will be logged on the database.

To ensure no data lost, Store & Forward must be configured between vNode nodes.


Which type of solutions you can make with vNode store & Forward feature?

  • Modbus to Microsoft SQL
  • OPC UA to Mongo DB
  • Siemens to Mongo DB
  • Modbus to Mongo DB
  • Allen Bradly to SQL
  • OPC DA to SQL
  • OPC DA to Mongo DB
  • TXT to SQL
  • CSV to SQL
  • REST to SQL
  • REST to MongoDB


Paradigm of use:

Chris Johnson is an experienced computer science engineer, who works for an Energy company, he got a new position, to be in charge of IT and the storage of critical data for many substations.

Chris must need to take data from energy meters via Modbus TCP and send it back to and SQL Server instance on the cloud.

There are 2 requirements Chris must cover up:

  1. The company has 10 substations remotely located
  2. The data cannot be lost, according to network conditions
  3. The data must be locally backed up on communication failures to the cloud


Chris has never worked with industrial protocols, but he knows very well about SQL and databases.

He Knows that both environments (energy meters and SQL ) must need to communicate with each other, but Chris didn’t know anything about Modbus.

Here makes it`s winner entrance vNode Software, Chris looked for it on the internet and started downloading vNode’s free trial. As he needed to take data from Modbus devices, he made use of our technical support assistance, to help him accomplish that issue he was facing. After 5 minutes the communication to Modbus devices was solved and even better, he was logging data to SQL, our staff provided him the know-how of each of the vNode modules involved.


The story doesn’t end here, he finally communicate the hole substations with the Central logging System on the cloud, and ensure his communications thanks to the Store & Forward feature built-in from vNode, so, every time he got a network failure the Modbus data will be logged on vNode’s internal buffer substation and after the network restore the data will flow again to the central Node.


Get vNode Free Trial Bundle now and get it going in minutes.

The bundle contains:

  • vNode Quick Guide.
  • vNode Store and Forward Quick Guide.
  • Installer files. (Windows (x86 – x64) / Linux (x86) / Linux Debian 9 (x64) / Linux Debian 6, 7, 8 (x64) / Linux CentOS 7 (x64) / Linux ARM)

Default vNode WebUI users:

Full accessRead only access

Provide us with a little info to receive our software bundle:

Other vNode features:


Default Store&Forward connection between Nodes allows the creation of complex architectures including slow or unstable connections such as Radio, GPRS, 2G, 3G or V-SAT. No data will ever be lost.

Crossed platform

vNode is out off- the- shelf, ready to be installed on any Windows version (32 and 64 bits), Linux (Intel, AMD and ARM processors). 

Unlimited tags

Make your system grow along with your needs, create and use as many tags as you need, without no limitation.

Remote web configuration

vNode are configured through an embedded web user interface. The Administrator will be able to configure all the remote vNodes just using a web browser.