On this page you will be able to understand the vNode system, what it does, how it does it and the benefits it has for.

Input Connectivity


  • All your Plant Floor Systems data made available for IT and IoT environments
  • Our connectivity is ready, no custom development needed
  • We know how to do it

How do we do it?

vNode’s input modules are the core of the solution, hence it can read from virtually any data source, either device or application.

These input modules will read data from the devices using TCP/IP or Serial connections, OPC Technology, IoT Services, Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, DNP3, Mitsubishi, Yokogawa, GE, Marchesini, Mettler Toledo, Omron, Delta, or even text files.

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Data Management


  • Transform raw data in useful information
  • Calculate, organize, import, export, historize, all in one
  • No data lost guaranteed

How do we do it?

Provide data treatment, applying scripting, algorithms, history environments and perform integration between source tags, OPC servers,calculations, functions, data mapping, aliasing, scaling, scripting, storage, store and forward, sensors, controllers and devices.

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Data Delivery


  • vNode closes de gap between plant information and IT or Cloud IoT systems
  • We speak all major IT or cloud protocols
  • We can deliver all your plant floor data to IT or Cloud application: AWS, Google Core, Azure IoT Hub, REST API, Mongo DB, OPC UA, SQL

How do we do it?

vNode´s Output Modules allow sending data to industrial applications, standard databases or even cloud platforms.

vNode provides seamless integration with OPC UA, MQTT, REST API, ODBC, Mongo DB, Azure, Google, Amazon Web Services, XML files or CSV files, to deliver data to multiple consumers simultaneously.

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Core Technology


Free OS choice

(We support: Linux, Windows,  Centos,  Ubuntu,  Debian,  ARM)

  • No worries about Tag Limitation
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Reduce project costs by remote engineering
  • Multiplatform WEB GUI Access

How do we do it?

We know industrial implementations sometimes need to be upgraded and it means new locations, new devices, and new platforms. vNode can adjust to your business needs proving fully scalability without a complex and extended configuration.

Make your system grow along with your needs, create and use as many tags as you need, without limitation.

Connection between vNode can be configured inbound or outbound adding extra security and no need to open Firewall Ports.

All connections are encrypted from end to end.

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Esquema Producto 2

Our Modules Tools

OPC Client DA Module

With vNode OPC DA client module, you can easily and quickly integrate to third-party OPC Servers, within a reliable way to cover communication needs

OPC DA (real-time data access) compatibility provides full access to any OPC vendor.

OPC UA Client Module

OPC UA Client module has the ability to make outgoing connections to third-party OPC UA servers.

OPC UA Server Module

Share information from any systems or devices using vNode’s OPC UA Server.

This module enables connectivity to OPC UA Clients, by the “configure & go” which means no software coding or scripting to establish connectivity.

Modbus TCP & RTU Client

Using vNode’s Modbus client module, you can directly connect to one or multiple slave Modbus devices, using Modbus TCP or serial standard.

Siemens S7 Client Module

Use native connectivity that Enables fully integration to Siemens S7 controllers over Ethernet communication.

Ascii Module

vNode’s Ascii module provides interface with serial or TCP devices using specific ASCII character text string protocol.

VMD XML Client Module

Enables easy reads to XML files from any Application.

Marchesini Module

Native connection to Marchesini industry machines for pharmaceutical packing. 

Kanebo Module

vNode is present in cosmetic environment, proving direct communication to Kanebo machines

Xantrex Module

Enables communication to power inverters from Xantrex vendor.

MQTT Module

Enables communication to MQTT devices or broker applications within the built-in MQTT driver interface.

DbInjector Module

Enables data logging information in a time series SQL database. Performing insertions according to tag subscriptions.

Local Historian Module

vNode’s local historian module is a high-performance time-series storage system based on MongoDB, providing efficient data compression mechanisms allowing to store massive volumes of time-series data without reducing its performance over the time.

UFLExporter Module

Exports tag events into CSV in one click. Once the data is logged in a buffer UFLExporter module dumped in a CSV file to share it with any Application.

RestApi Client Module

Obtain information from external systems and applications by using a simple and efficient programmatic interface.

Using vNode´s REST API Client module provides REST standards by creating a REST GET API and save it to vNode tags.

RestApi Server Module

Publish and retrieve data between applications and machines over HTTP protocol.

Derived Tags Module

Obtain new tags as a result of calculations even with other tags performing complex JavaScript expressions or aggregates.

Scripting Module

vNode’s scripting module allows the creation of custom scripts that can run based on an event, such as a timer, or tag change thanks to its fully programmatic JavaScript Environment.

Linked Tags Module

Perform connections to share or a map data between two or more control systems. Connectivity can be accomplished with standard off-the-shelf software.

Custom Client Module

Develop your own non-standard communication protocol for the interaction with any serial or Ethernet devices, using a non-programmer user interface.

Data Exporter Module

Once the data approaches vNode, you can easily perform aggregate to each tag and publish it on an XML file by compressing it on ZIP.